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Where we came from

Corky McMillin started his business in San Diego, CA in 1960 as a remodeling and custom-home builder. Over the next 50 years, Corky, with the help of sons Mark and Scott, grew the company into a fully integrated real estate company, including land development, home building and real estate services. The Corky McMillin Companies has built 16 mixed-use master-planned communities, nearly 30,000 residences, more than 20 community parks, thousands of miles of new roads, schools, shopping centers, commercial office and industrial parks, college dormitories, and 2,000 military residences on seven bases. This is the legacy of The Corky McMillin Companies’ commitment to improving communities and giving people the opportunity to live full and satisfying lives. Our heritage embodies 50+ years of working to build a strong, optimistic reputation- one of quality, family and community.


where we're going

Company leadership has progressed to the third generation. McMillin’s new endeavors are led by principals Scott McMillin and Andy McMillin. Scott has been with the company since 1981, serving as co-president from 1998-2005 and Chairman of the Board since 2005. Andy McMillin has been with McMillin since 2007 and as the new CEO will be leading us headfirst into the 21st century with the rebirth of the company’s brand, vision and project motives all while upholding the reputation and high quality of work that has been associated with The Corky McMillin Companies. The duo will team together to prolong the McMillin dream: to create memorable places and experiences within communities where families can grow and thrive for generations to come.